Camp Urban Sol Summer 2017

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Dates: July 10-August 4, 2017

1 week courses at ½ days (8-12pm, 1-5pm)

$150 per courses (one week, ½ day)

Supervised lunch for those attending full day. Lunches will not be provided.

All camp courses are subject to change or close due to enrollment

Lego (Ms. McGreevy)
(Grades K-8) Come and let your imagination soar to new heights! Campers will design, create and build creations out of Legos.  See if you can build skyscrapers, motorized robots, roller coasters and so much more!

Photography (Senora Kennedy)
(Grades K-8) Come see the world from a new perspective! Campers will learn to use the elements of photography to capture great shots and then, using digital editing techniques, transform their images into artistic compositions. At the end of the program, campers will host their own photography exhibition to showcase their work.

Engineering Design (Ms. McGreevy)
(Grades K-5) In this camp, students will try their hand at the Engineering Design Process. This process involves a series of steps used by engineers to identify and solve problems. These problem solving strategies are essential life skills that can be applied to many other situations – not just the technical world of engineering. Students will be challenged to invent, to create, to design, and to build. Students will experience the excitement of solving problems head on. They will learn to listen to and to respect the ideas of their teammates. And most of all, they will learn the confidence to resolve their own open-ended problems, and the ability to apply engineering concepts to them.

Hip-Hop Dance (Ms. Mendoza)
(Grades K-5) Do you feel like moving and grooving over the summer? Are you ready to use those dancing skills to help you with coordination, balance, teamwork and creativity?  In Hip Hop Dance with Ms. Mendoza, you will learn a hip hop dance routine to age-appropriate music, have fun with your friends, play fun dance games and choreograph your own mini dance routine.

Culinary Experience (Ms. Lee)
(Grades K-8) Students embark on a culinary adventure as they explore the foods and flavors of our local community. A visit to Smart Farms to observe organic farming practices and sustainability is projected. Students often take home a sampling of the meals they create as well as a collection of the recipes they have prepared. No kitchen experience necessary – only a love of food and a healthy appetite.

Yoga and Mindfulness (Mrs. Marble)
(Grades K-8) Yoga and Mindfulness are two tools that can be used for students to explore their bodies, hearts and minds. Yoga movements and sequences will be introduced and mindfulness techniques will be exercised to increase the student’s mind/body connection. Students will be provided with stress reduction and centering techniques that can be used in and out of the classroom.

Grossology (Mrs. Buie)
(Grades K-8) Snot, Worms, Pellets, Oh My! Discover the science behind some of the grossest things in the world.  Dive into the middle of an owl pellet, investigate the insides of a squid, make your own snot, and even explore the realms of the digestive system, all while making “poop” cookies.  This camp is sure to spark the scientist in everyone!

Creative Play (Ms. McGreevy)
(Grades K-8) Give a child a cardboard box and some inspiration and imagination comes to life! In this session, students will have the freedom to use open ended building materials to build and explore to their hearts content! Our Creative Play session will begin with exploring open ended design materials from the ReInterpret Foundation. Students will seek inspiration from real life, using materials to create homes, businesses, toys, inventions, and more! In this process, kids open up their minds to what’s possible, take chances, solve problems, collaborate and become better creative thinkers and doers.

Cardboard Regatta (Ms. McGreevy)
(Grades K-8) Beat the summer heat by participating in the cardboard regatta! Spend a week planning, building, and decorating a life-sized rowboat made entirely of duct tape and cardboard. End the experience with a ferry ride to Coronado to test and race your boat in the bay! Will your design stay afloat?